This is the section where you have a real serious professional profile. We're going to stick to our original ways and put what we're all about.

RDK Sound Design stemmed from a series of unfortunate events that turned out to be the biggest blessing imaginable. We try to incorporate that in everything we do and every product we build. Each and every product is designed and built on some sort of sentiment. The beginning of every product design comes from an inspiration of either a person, place, or event in our lives. Additionally, the name of each product also reflects that. Anywhere from my late mother and father, to my family who raised me. No product would be possible if not for the source of inspiration.

We truely love what we do and we truely love the people we interact with. We spend hours and hours, days and days, weeks and weeks, even months and months to perfect our product. Nothing is put on the market to bring a buck. Everything is put on the market to bring the market to the next level!

The interaction, kind words, and support we get from our customers are one of the most important things in all of this. We truely could not do this without it.

"Well, after 15 years of playing guitar, and being a tone freak, I don't think I've heard a better sounding's the truth, man."

~Nick Perri- Mount Holly, Silvertide, Shinedown



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