Where do we even start? Tube amps have become sort of an addiction for us. If you get us talking about them we won't shut up. Tube amps have countless capabilities when it comes to modification. Even the greatest sounding amplifier can have added "flavor" by making the smallest change. Changing only one component in an amplifier can cause such a dramatic change to the tone. The results you are trying to achieve are what determines what changes should be made. Maybe you think it could use a little more low end emphasis or maybe you would like a more glassy sounding treble. Maybe you want more gain or maybe you want more headroom. All of our amplifiers undergo a very length design process. Each circuit is designed to accomodate the needs of guitarists all around. Our goal is to suit the taste of musicians of any genre or style of playing. This is why we offer full costomization of not only the cosmetics of our amplifiers, but the circuitry as well. Many of these modifications mentioned above can be implemented. They can also be made switchable.

What about bells and whistles? Most of our amps can implement some of your favorite features found in tube amplifiers. FX loops, reverb, tremolo, even our "Grace Switch" mod. For those who like the more stable voltages of a solid state rectifier or the "spongyness" of a tube rectifier, switchable rectifiers can even be installed.

Let's not forget the drivers! Other than replacing the output transformer of a tube amplifier, replacing the speakers in your cabinet can have the biggest effect on your tone. There are many types of drivers and many things to take into consideration when choosing one. Cabinet type is also a huge part of the equation. Closed back, open back, ported, sealed, all of these options have their place and we want to help you find what fits you.

Like we always say. There's more than meets the eye! Though our sole focus is what's under the hood, we take extreme pride in the physical beauty of each finished product. Over the years we have developed some wonderful original techniques that catch the eye of musicians and NON musicians alike. These cosmetic features are about as countless as our circuitry modifications. We are proud to hear what everyone has to say about our products, but one of the most common quotes come from people who don't even play the guitar! -"I dont play guitar, but seeing your gear makes me REALLY want to learn!"

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