Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer artist endorsements?
Yes. We are able to offer speacial discounts and pricing to bands and active musicians. These prices are based upon band activity. (shows, following, releases, etc.)

Do you repair amplifiers?
Yes we do. We are able to repair TUBE amplifiers. Unfortunately we do not work on solid state amps or PA's.

Do you do amplifier mods?
Yes. We do a number of modifications including some of our own mods based off of circuitry of our own amplifiers.

Do you repair speaker cabinets from other manufacturers?
No. We are unable to make any repairs other speaker cabinets.

Can I get a custom grill installed on my Marshall (peavey, ampeg, etc.) cabinet?
No. We are sorry, but we are unable to fit any kind of modification or repair of cabinets from other manufacturers in our schedule.

Can I add mods to an RDK amplifier before I buy it?
Yes. Our products are 100% fully customizable. Info here:

Can I change the cosmetics of my RDK amplifier?
Yes. See link above.



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